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Our Legal Practices

What We Provide

Civil Law

•  Inheritance Disputes (wills, inheritances, trusts, actions on vacant successions – recovery of inheritance etc.)
•  Property Law (actions for the recovery of property – replevin, actions for trover, transfers of immovable property, prenotations of mortgages etc.)
•  Lease Disputes
•  Disputes from Contracts (sale, loan, gratuitous loan, contract of employment etc.)
•  Consumer Protection
•  Cadastre – Land Register


Corporate Law and Securities Law

•  Regulatory Compliance of Companies
•  Companies Establishment
•  Corporate Labor Law
•  Corporate Criminal Law
•  Corporate Contracts
•  Judicial Settlement of Disputes from Contracts
•  Mediations and Arbitrations
•  Protection of Corporate Copyright
•  Bankruptcy Law
•  Securities (checks, bills of exchange etc.)

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European Law and International Law, Competition Law

•  Free Movement of Goods
•  Free Movement of Services
•  Free Movement of Persons
•  Free Movement of Capital
•  Member – State Liability for the Violation of the European Law

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Cyber Law, Internet Law and Copyright Law

•  Protection of Copyright and Related Rights
•  Strategic Exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights (licenses, contracts etc.)
•  Patents
•  Designs and Models
•  Trademarks and Distinctive Marks
•  Internet Law
•  Terms of use, Policies, Licenses
•  Domain Names
•  Personal Data
•  E-commerce
•  Trade Secrets – Confidential Information Management

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Banking Law

•  Banking Contracts
•  Judicial Representation

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Criminal Law

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